Primus Update

So I’ve decided on calling my Black Ops 3 level “Primus”, because that means first in Latin according to Google Translate and it works a bit better than “First” in English.

As of this update I’ve completed all of the major alterations to the geometry of the level in my attempt to make it suitable for Black Ops 3. The last area that I had to change in a significant manner was called “Pillars”, a troublesome part of the level which has rarely been used by both players and bots.

For reference, here is what Pillars looked like before the changes.

Picture 1
Picture 2

The issue with Pillars was that it wasn’t very good for either wall running or combat. While it was primarily made to be an area for wall running, it severely lacked flow, outright stopping players that were heading towards catwalk, forcing them to ground themselves to walk through the doorway. The opposite route that wend towards Glass was better but pointless. There was no real reason to go there, as there are plenty of ways to go between Catwalk and Glass without using this area. It was only really optimal for going between the two while avoiding conflict. In the early play tests against other people I noticed that even if people did choose to take that route they would stop and use the entrance to long seen in Picture 1 instead of going all the way along the outer wall. It wasn’t interesting to fight in either, especially the area seen in Picture 1. The ground throughout Pillars is flat (aside from the pits) and there is very little cover.

After taking a look at the area and reflecting on some feedback I decided to make some much needed changes.

Picture 1
Picture 2

The area shown in Picture 1 was previously completely flat with the exception of the crate. There was no reason to go there, and no compelling path that players would want to consciously or subconsciously take. By adding an elevated path and replacing the second pit with a ramp leading to that path I’ve made the floor space a bit tighter and increased the accessibility to both Long and the other part of Pillars. Previously the player had to choose whether they wanted to mantle up to Long from the ground or jump over the pit to get to the other part of Pillars. Mantling up to Long from the ground would leave them exposed to players in Long as well as Players in parts of Glass, while jumping over the pit would lead them to another bare area with no cover. If someone was waiting for you on the other side of the pit, it was difficult to jump back before dying. Replacing the second pit with the ramp helps with this issue as it’s a more friendly method of traversal, and players are able to use the corners of the walls on either side of the ramp as well as the corner leading to/from the ramp as cover depending on the situation. They are also easily able to escape to the tunnels from the ramp if things are getting heated.

The area shown in Picture 2, the left side specifically, has been modified to better improve the flow of people wanting to quickly pass through Pillars by method of wall running. They are able to run straight through, jumping to and from the pillars if need be, before seamlessly traversing into Catwalk where they can continue their wall run for a fair distance. This also works in reverse, as players can now enter Pillars via wall running from Catwalk instead of having to halt their run and go through a door on the ground.

That’s pretty much all there is for now. The next steps are setting up some more game modes, navigation for bots and optimisation. I’ve also started prettying things up, though that isn’t a priority at this point.

Until next time 🙂


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